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For Over 5 Years, geotech has Provided Economical Solutions to Common Infrastructure and Site Development Needs.
geotech’s high-performance range of innovative geogrids has been continuously developed since being introduced in Egypt as the first geosynthetic products of their type. The outstanding performance of geotech® geogrids and geotextiles has benefited many of road, rail, runway, embankment and many other applications across Egypt provinces.

  • Tensar International Limited
  • Betterground (Engineered Ground Improvement)
  • OMS for Pile Driving Equipment.
  • Concrete Canvas Concrete on a Roll.
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Why chose us ?

Geotechnical Solutions

We Supply

Geotech supplies geogrid, geotextile and blocks products to provide practical solutions for poor soil conditions affecting the cost of roads, railways and paved areas.

We Help

We help customers find the right ground improvement solution for their projects from an early point in the design stage.

We Assist

We assist in the design of favorable solutions, including stability calculations, liquefaction mitigation assessments, settlement estimations and optimization of methods as well as custom equipment design for dedicated applications.

We Are the Agents of...

Geotechnical Solutions


Tensar is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and the provision of products and systems for subgrade stabilisation, pavement optimisation and soil reinforcement. their expertise and experience has been accumulated over several decades of successful collaboration in projects internationally.


Betterground enables construction companies to build up sustainable business in the field of ground improvement utilizing the best equipment in the world, competent services and professional expertise, including equipment repairs, online spare part purchasing, site quality control, method optimization and geotechnical design and supervision.


OMS is a world brand in the production of vibratory pile driving equipment, with its products performing in all conditions around the globe.

Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas® is part of a revolutionary new class of construction materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs) used as an alternative to conventional concrete. It is a flexible, concrete filled geotextile that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, waterproof and low-carbon concrete layer. Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll.

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Geotechnical Solutions